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Profit Margin Calculator

Discover your potential profits using Genio's convenient profit margin calculator
Labor costs
Labor costs: The sum of all wages, insurance costs, and benefits paid to your employees by you, the employer.
Material costs
Material Costs: The direct cost used to manufacture a product or provide a service.
Overhead expenses
Overhead Expenses: The ongoing expense to operate a business. Does not include products or services sold by the business.
Service price
Service Price: The price at which your products or services are sold to your customers.
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Tracking and evaluating your business performance is crucial for growth. A key metric to focus on is your business’s optimal profit margin. By understanding this metric, you can strategize for profitability in the future, guiding resource allocation for sustainable expansion. Genio’s free profit margin calculator can help you make wise business decisions!

How the Profit Margin Calculator Works

The profit margin is the percentage of revenue left after subtracting core business expenses, such as rent, supplies, labor, and utilities, from total revenue. Our calculator uses this formula to make its calculations:
* Profit margin = (Service Price – Labor Costs — Material Costs — Overhead costs) x 100 / Service Price
* Markup = (Service Price – Costs) x 100 / Costs