River Link Toll Invoice

A River Link Toll Invoice is a document that represents the amount of toll charges owed by a user of the River Link toll system for crossing the tolled bridges in the states of Kentucky and Indiana. The River Link toll system aims to maintain and improve transportation infrastructure in the region and comprises three tolled bridges, namely the Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge, and the Lewis and Clark Bridge.


The River Link Toll Invoice provides a detailed account of the toll charges incurred by a vehicle owner or operator during their travel on the tolled bridges. The invoice is generated based on the vehicle’s passage through the designated tolling points and is sent to the registered owner or operator of the vehicle. It outlines the date and time of each crossing, the toll fee for each crossing, and the total amount due.

Key Features:

  1. Toll Rates: The River Link Toll Invoice displays the applicable toll rates for each type of vehicle, including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. The rates vary depending on the vehicle’s size, weight, and classification.
  2. Vehicle Information: The invoice includes specific details about the vehicle, such as the license plate number, state of registration, and vehicle classification. This information is essential for accurate identification and billing purposes.
  3. Trip Details: The invoice clearly presents the trip details, including the date and time of each crossing, the bridge used, and the direction of travel. This information enables the user to review their trips and ensures transparency in the billing process.
  4. Transaction History: The invoice may also include a summary of the user’s recent transactions, detailing the toll charges for previous trips. This feature allows users to keep track of their toll expenses and ensures accountability in their financial records.

Payment Options:

To facilitate convenient payment, the River Link Toll Invoice offers various payment methods. These include:

  1. Online Payment: Users can conveniently settle their toll charges through the River Link website using a credit or debit card. The online payment system allows for quick and secure transactions.
  2. Customer Service Centers: Physical customer service centers are available where users can make payments in person using cash, credit cards, or money orders. These centers offer assistance to users who may have questions or require additional information regarding their toll charges.
  3. Mailing Payments: Users can also opt to mail their check or money order along with the payment stub provided on the invoice. The payment should be sent to the address specified on the invoice.

Non-payment Consequences:

Failure to pay the River Link Toll Invoice within the specified timeframe may result in penalties and additional fees. Continued non-payment could lead to the suspension of vehicle registration and referral to a collection agency, which may adversely impact the user’s credit rating.


The River Link Toll Invoice is a comprehensive document that outlines the toll charges incurred by users of the River Link toll system. It enables individuals and businesses to accurately track and manage their toll expenses while contributing to the maintenance and improvement of transportation infrastructure. By providing detailed trip information and offering multiple payment options, the River Link Toll Invoice aims to ensure a smooth and efficient tolling experience for all users.

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