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Grubhub Receipt

A Grubhub receipt is a document provided by Grubhub, a prominent online food ordering and delivery platform, to customers as proof of purchase for their food orders. It serves as a detailed summary of the transaction, including information such as the restaurant name, order details, itemized costs, taxes, delivery fees, and the total amount paid.


The Grubhub receipt is an essential part of the ordering process, both for customers and restaurants. It serves as a record of the transaction, ensuring transparency and accuracy for financial purposes. The receipt provides customers with a breakdown of the charges, thereby enabling them to review the order details and validate the amount paid. Additionally, it acts as a reference for any potential issues, such as missing or incorrect items, delivery delays, or disputes over charges.


  1. Restaurant Information: The Grubhub receipt features the name and contact details of the restaurant from which the order was placed. This information allows customers to identify and communicate with the establishment if necessary.
  2. Order Details: The receipt includes a comprehensive list of the items ordered, including their names, quantities, and prices. This ensures that customers can verify the accuracy of the order and address any discrepancies promptly.
  3. Itemized Costs: Each item in the Grubhub receipt is associated with its corresponding cost, allowing customers to see the breakdown of expenses. This feature is particularly useful for individuals and businesses who need to track their food-related expenditures for budgeting or accounting purposes.
  4. Taxes and Fees: The receipt clearly outlines any applicable taxes and fees associated with the order. This information ensures that customers are aware of the additional costs incurred, such as sales tax, service fees, or delivery charges.
  5. Subtotal and Total Amount: The Grubhub receipt provides a subtotal, which represents the total cost of the items before taxes and fees. It also presents the final total amount paid, considering all charges. This allows customers to verify that they have been charged accurately and aids in reconciling the receipt with their payment record.


Customers can access and download their Grubhub receipts directly from their Grubhub account. The receipt is typically available immediately after the order is placed and can be accessed through the order history section. It is recommended for customers to review their receipt upon delivery to ensure everything is correct and in line with their expectations.

Restaurants benefit from providing Grubhub receipts to customers as well. Receipts contribute to the establishment’s accountability and help resolve any discrepancies that may arise from the ordering process. Moreover, maintaining accurate and detailed records of transactions can assist the restaurant’s financial management, such as tracking sales, monitoring costs, and facilitating accurate reporting for tax purposes.

In conclusion, a Grubhub receipt is a documented proof of purchase provided by Grubhub to customers upon completing a food order. It acts as an itemized summary of the transaction, including the order details, costs, taxes, and fees. The receipt serves as a crucial tool for customers to validate their payments and for restaurants to maintain transparency and accountability within their operations.