Goods Received Not Invoiced

Goods Received Not Invoiced (GRNI) is an important term in the field of procurement and inventory management. It represents a situation where a company has received and accepted goods or services from a supplier, but the corresponding invoice has not yet been received or recorded in the accounting system. GRNI is also known as Goods Received but Not Billed (GRNB) or Goods in Transit (GIT).


GRNI is a crucial metric that helps organizations keep track of their inventory and accounts payable. It allows businesses to ensure accurate financial reporting by matching the receipt of goods or services with the corresponding invoice. When goods are received without an accompanying invoice, it can create discrepancies in inventory records and affect the company’s financial statements.

The process of Goods Received Not Invoiced starts with the receipt of goods or services by the company’s receiving department. Upon receipt, the goods are inspected, and if they meet the company’s quality standards, they are accepted. At this point, the inventory records are updated to reflect the quantity and value of the goods received. However, until the corresponding invoice is received and recorded, the goods remain in the Goods Received Not Invoiced category.


Maintaining accurate records of Goods Received Not Invoiced offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, it allows companies to have a clearer picture of their liabilities and outstanding expenses. By identifying GRNI, organizations can effectively manage their cash flow and budgeting processes.

Secondly, GRNI provides an opportunity for companies to reconcile their inventory records with the financial statements. It enables a thorough analysis of the outstanding invoices, ensuring that the goods received match the amounts billed. This helps prevent any discrepancies between the physical inventory and the accounting records, which may arise due to potential errors or delays in the invoice processing.

Furthermore, monitoring GRNI assists in identifying and resolving any discrepancies or issues with suppliers. If invoices are not received within a reasonable timeframe, it may prompt necessary follow-ups with suppliers and prevent potential bottlenecks in the procurement process.


The concept of Goods Received Not Invoiced is applicable in various industries, particularly those with significant levels of inventory and procurement activities. It is relevant for businesses involved in manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and other sectors that rely heavily on a steady supply chain.

Additionally, companies engaged in complex procurement processes, such as those in the information technology sector, can benefit greatly from GRNI. As IT products often involve multiple vendors, managing GRNI helps maintain accurate records of goods received and invoices pending. This proves particularly important as IT projects often entail a significant investment in hardware and software components.


Goods Received Not Invoiced plays a critical role in the efficient management of inventory and accounts payable for businesses. It provides insights into the liability of outstanding invoices and allows for accurate reconciliation with inventory records. By recognizing and resolving discrepancies in a timely manner, companies can enhance financial reporting, streamline their procurement processes, and maintain healthy supplier relationships. Effectively managing GRNI is a cornerstone of efficient supply chain management and financial control.

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