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CO PFML account number

The CO PFML account number refers to the unique identifier assigned to businesses and individuals by the state government in the context of the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave (CO PFML) program. This program, established by the Colorado legislature, aims to provide paid family and medical leave benefits to eligible workers in the state. The CO PFML account number serves as a crucial identification element for employers and employees participating in the program, facilitating proper record-keeping and administration of benefits.


The CO PFML account number serves as an essential component in the implementation of the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave program. Initially introduced in 2019, the program signifies the state’s commitment to ensuring that employees have access to paid leave for various qualifying reasons, including the birth or adoption of a child, caring for a family member with a serious health condition, or attending to their own health needs.

The CO PFML account number is primarily utilized by employers as they navigate the program’s requirements and obligations. Upon registering for the CO PFML program, businesses receive this unique identifier from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE). It is essential for employers to include the designated CO PFML account number on various documents, such as payroll records, benefit statements, and other related correspondence. By doing so, businesses ensure compliance with the program’s regulations and establish a clear link between their organization and the benefits provided to eligible employees.

Employees also benefit from the CO PFML account number, as it allows them to properly connect their leave requests and other relevant information to their employer’s account. When an employee submits a request for paid leave under the CO PFML program, the inclusion of the accurate CO PFML account number ensures that their claim is processed efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it helps prevent confusion or delays in benefit disbursement, ensuring that eligible employees receive the financial support they are entitled to during their approved leave period.

Maintaining accurate records of CO PFML account numbers is crucial for both employers and the CDLE. This information enables the government to track program participation, monitor benefit expenditure, and ensure compliance. In cases where businesses experience changes in ownership, management, or other significant organizational modifications, notifying the CDLE about amendments to the CO PFML account number is essential. This facilitates the smooth transition of benefit administration and guarantees that employees’ rights to paid leave are upheld.

In conclusion, the CO PFML account number plays a vital role in the implementation and management of the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave program. It serves as an indispensable identifier for businesses and individuals participating in the program, assisting with proper documentation, benefit disbursement, and compliance with state regulations. By embracing the CO PFML account number, employers and employees alike contribute to the success of the program, supporting a more inclusive and supportive work environment for all Coloradans.