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BRB (Be Right Back)

BRB, an abbreviation for Be Right Back, is a common internet slang used to inform others of a temporary absence or a short break from an ongoing conversation or online activity. Primarily used in online text-based communication platforms such as messaging apps, emails, or forums, BRB serves as a polite way to convey that the person will be away momentarily but intends to return shortly.


BRB has become prevalent in the digital era, especially in the context of modern workplace communication and social interactions on the internet. It allows individuals to signify their temporary unavailability without causing confusion or misunderstanding among the participants in an ongoing conversation. By using BRB, individuals can politely excuse themselves and reassure others that they will return promptly.


1. Online Chat:

– User1: Can you help me with this report?

– User2: Sure, BRB, grabbing some coffee. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

2. Social Media Interactions:

– User1: Look at these adorable puppies!

– User2: BRB, showing this to my friend. She loves puppies too!

3. Professional Meetings:

– Colleague1: I need your input on the sales strategy for next quarter.

– Colleague2: Give me a moment, BRB, finalizing some urgent tasks. I’ll be right back to discuss it further.

Although BRB is commonly used in informal conversations, it is recommended to exercise caution when using it in professional or formal contexts. While it may be acceptable within certain workplace cultures or casual discussions, it is advisable to consider the appropriateness in each situation.


To maintain proper etiquette, it is important to follow a few guidelines when using BRB:

  1. Provide a Reason: Whenever possible, briefly mention the reason for your temporary absence. This helps set the expectations of others and demonstrates professionalism.
  2. Be Prompt in Returning: As BRB implies a temporary departure, try to reintegrate into the conversation or activity as soon as possible. Delaying your return for an extended period may hinder effective communication and disrupt the flow of the discussion.
  3. Use Alternatives When Unavailable: If you anticipate being away for an extended period or unavailable to respond, consider providing an estimated timeframe or suggesting an alternative method of communication to avoid leaving others in limbo.
  4. Be Mindful in Professional Settings: In more formal or business-related environments, evaluate the appropriateness of using BRB. In some cases, it may be advisable to use more professional expressions, such as Excuse me for a moment or Please hold on.

In conclusion, BRB (Be Right Back) is a widely recognized internet slang used to indicate a temporary absence from online conversations or activities. When used appropriately and with consideration for the context, it can facilitate smooth communication and contribute to maintaining positive online interactions.