1099-INT Form 2022

The 1099-INT Form 2022 is a tax form used by United States financial institutions to report interest income earned by individuals or entities during the tax year. The form is issued by banks, credit unions, savings associations, investment firms, and other financial institutions to account holders who have received at least $10 or more in interest payments.


The 1099-INT Form 2022 plays a significant role in individual taxpayers’ annual tax returns as it reports taxable interest income. It provides the necessary information for individuals to accurately report their interest earnings and comply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. This form is crucial for maintaining transparency and ensuring tax compliance in the American financial system.

Box by Box Explanation:

The 1099-INT Form comprises several boxes that provide specific details about the interest income earned and paid. Understanding each box’s purpose is essential for correctly filling out the form.

Box 1: Interest Income

Box 1 reports the total amount of interest income earned during the tax year. This amount includes both taxable and tax-exempt interest. Taxpayers must include this amount on their federal income tax return.

Box 2: Early Withdrawal Penalties

This box reflects any penalties or additional charges incurred due to the premature withdrawal of funds from a term deposit or similar financial instrument. Early withdrawal penalties are generally subject to taxation, and the amount is reported in Box 2.

Box 3: Interest on U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury Obligations

This box reports the interest income received from U.S. Savings Bonds or Treasury obligations. The interest earned on these investments is generally subject to federal income tax but is exempt from state and local taxes.

Box 4: Federal Income Tax Withheld

This box displays the total amount of federal income tax withheld from the interest income by the financial institution. The withheld amount serves as a credit against the taxpayer’s total tax liability.

Box 5: Investment Expenses

Reported in Box 5 are the investment expenses paid by the account holder, such as advisory fees, custodial fees, or expenses related to the production or collection of taxable income. These expenses may be deductible, subject to certain limitations.

Box 6: Foreign Tax Paid

If the account holder paid foreign taxes on the interest income, the amount is reported in Box 6. This may be eligible for a foreign tax credit, reducing the taxpayer’s overall tax liability.

Box 8: Tax-Exempt Interest

Box 8 provides the amount of tax-exempt interest received during the tax year. Tax-exempt interest is generally not subject to federal income tax, but it may be subject to state and local taxes.

Box 11: State Tax Withheld

This box displays the amount of state income tax withheld from the interest income by the financial institution, if applicable. The withheld amount serves as a credit against the taxpayer’s state tax liability.

Other Considerations:

It is essential for taxpayers to review their 1099-INT Form carefully and ensure its accuracy. Any discrepancies should be addressed with the financial institution that issued the form to avoid potential complications with the IRS. Additionally, taxpayers should retain a copy of the form for their records and consult a tax advisor or use tax preparation software to accurately report the interest income on their tax return.


The 1099-INT Form 2022 is a crucial document that helps both individuals and the IRS ensure accurate reporting and compliance with tax laws. It provides essential details regarding the interest income earned and paid by individuals or entities during the tax year. Familiarizing oneself with the form and properly incorporating the provided information into tax returns is crucial for maintaining financial transparency and avoiding potential penalties or audits.

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