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Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT

The Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT is a document issued by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to collect unpaid tolls and associated fees from motorists who have failed to pay tolls at designated tolling locations. This invoice serves as a legal notice and demand for payment, providing detailed information regarding the outstanding toll balance, the vehicle identification, and the date and location of the toll violation.


The Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT is an official notification sent to individuals who have used toll roads operated by the FDOT without making the necessary payments. These unpaid tolls may result from various reasons, such as accidentally missing a toll booth, failing to have a valid SunPass transponder, or incorrectly registering a rental vehicle for toll coverage.

The primary purpose of the Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT is to ensure that motorists fulfill their obligation to pay for their use of toll facilities, which helps to maintain and improve transportation infrastructure throughout the state of Florida. It serves as a vital tool in enforcing toll payment compliance and reducing toll evasion.

The Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT contains pertinent information that allows the recipient to understand the specifics of the unpaid toll violation. This information includes the date and time of the violation, the location where the violation occurred, the registered vehicle owner’s details, and license plate information. Additionally, the invoice specifies the total balance due, including the unpaid toll amount and any associated fees or penalties.

Upon receipt of a Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT, individuals are required to promptly address the outstanding balance by making the payment as indicated on the invoice. Failure to respond or settle the invoice within the specified timeframe can lead to further consequences, such as additional penalties, registration holds, or potential legal action.

To facilitate payment, the Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT provides various payment methods, including online options, phone payment, and mail-in options. Motorists may also have the opportunity to dispute the toll violation through a designated process if they believe there has been an error or they have a valid defense.

It is important to note that the Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT is an official document issued by the FDOT and should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Ignoring or disregarding these invoices can have adverse effects on an individual’s driving privileges, credit rating, and potential legal standing.


The Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT serves as a formal demand for payment to individuals who have not fulfilled their obligation to pay tolls on Florida toll roads. Through this invoice, the FDOT aims to ensure compliance with toll payment requirements and maintain the integrity of the state’s transportation infrastructure. Motorists who receive a Toll Enforcement Invoice FDOT should promptly address the outstanding balance and explore options for payment or dispute resolution as indicated on the invoice.