Simply Estimating

Simply Estimating is a specialized software tool that specifically caters to the needs of professionals engaged in project management within the information technology (IT) sector. It assists in accurately estimating the time, effort, and cost required to complete a project, ensuring effective planning and resource allocation.


Effective project estimation is crucial in the IT industry, as it helps organizations set realistic goals, manage client expectations, and allocate resources efficiently. Simply Estimating provides a comprehensive solution to tackle the complexities of estimating IT projects, aiding in the successful execution of software development, coding, and other IT-related endeavors.


  1. Accurate Estimates: Simply Estimating utilizes advanced algorithms and database-driven models to provide accurate estimates for IT projects. By considering relevant factors such as project scope, complexity, required resources, and historical data, it helps project managers make informed decisions.
  2. Time and Cost Optimization: By accurately estimating project timelines and costs, Simply Estimating facilitates better planning and resource allocation. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced project delays, and optimal utilization of resources, ultimately resulting in cost savings for organizations.
  3. Enhanced Decision Making: Simply Estimating empowers project managers, software developers, and other IT professionals with valuable insights into the project’s feasibility and potential challenges. It enables them to make well-informed decisions by considering reliable estimates, thus mitigating risks and improving overall project success rates.


Simply Estimating finds extensive application in various aspects of IT project management, including:

  1. Software Development and Coding: It assists in estimating the time, effort, and cost involved in developing software applications, enabling project teams to plan accurately and optimize resource allocation.
  2. Market Dynamics of IT Products: Simply Estimating aids in estimating the development time and cost of IT products, facilitating analysis of market dynamics and assessment of project viability before venturing into product development.
  3. Fintech and Healthtech: In the fields of fintech and healthtech, accurate project estimation is crucial due to the intricate nature of regulatory compliance and security requirements. Simply Estimating helps in estimating the efforts required for developing innovative products and systems in these domains.
  4. Product and Project Management: Simply Estimating assists project managers in estimating the time, cost, and resources needed to achieve project deliverables. This allows for effective planning, scheduling, and optimization of project resources.
  5. Roles in Custom Software Development: The tool enables custom software developers to estimate the effort required for developing tailored solutions, resulting in better project scoping, planning, and execution.
  6. Consultancy in Software Development: For IT consulting firms, Simply Estimating aids in providing accurate cost estimates to clients, improving client satisfaction, and supporting the development of a competitive pricing strategy.
  7. Personnel Management in the IT Sector: By leveraging accurate project estimation, Simply Estimating helps organizations in personnel management, enabling them to allocate resources efficiently, manage workloads, and ensure optimal utilization of human capital.


In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the IT industry, accurate project estimation plays a critical role in determining success. Simply Estimating, as a specialized software tool, assists professionals engaged in IT project management by providing accurate and reliable estimates for time, effort, and cost. Its advanced algorithms and flexible application across various IT domains make it an invaluable resource for planning, executing, and optimizing IT projects. By leveraging Simply Estimating, organizations can improve their decision-making processes, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall project success rates.

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