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Rescinding Job Offer Template

A rescinding job offer template is a standardized document used by employers to withdraw a previously extended employment offer to a candidate. Typically sent after the initial offer has been accepted, this document outlines the employer’s decision to revoke the job offer and provides an official explanation for the reversal. It serves as a formal communication tool to notify the candidate, protect the employer’s legal rights, and uphold professional ethics.


Rescinding job offer templates are primarily used in situations where the employer needs to retract a job offer due to unforeseen circumstances, such as budgetary constraints, changes in business requirements, or the candidate’s failure to meet certain conditions of employment. The template provides a framework for consistency and legal compliance, ensuring that the employer follows due process while handling such situations.

Components of a Rescinding Job Offer Template:

  1. Heading: The document typically begins with a descriptive heading, such as Rescission of Job Offer or Withdrawal of Employment Offer, followed by the date of the letter and the employer’s contact information.
  2. Recipient Details: The template includes the candidate’s name, address, and any relevant identification or reference numbers to ensure accurate identification.
  3. Opening Paragraph: The opening paragraph establishes the purpose of the letter, explicitly stating that the employer is rescinding the previously extended job offer. It may also reference the position title, the date of the original offer, and any conditions stated in the offer letter.
  4. Explanation: The employer provides an objective and concise explanation for the reconsideration of the job offer. It is important to clearly articulate the reasons for rescinding the offer while avoiding discriminatory language or unnecessary personal details.
  5. Supporting Documentation: If applicable, the template may request the return of any company property or signed documents related to the offer, such as non-disclosure agreements or employment contracts.
  6. Consequences and Alternatives: The template may outline the implications of rescinding the offer, such as the termination of the candidate’s consideration for other positions within the organization. It may also provide alternative options, such as applying for future vacancies or other potential opportunities.
  7. Contact Information: The template should include the employer’s contact details, providing the candidate with an opportunity to discuss the situation or ask any questions they may have.
  8. Signature and Date: The rescinding job offer template concludes with the employer’s signature, typically that of the hiring manager or a representative from the human resources department. The date of the document should also be included near the signature.


A rescinding job offer template is a standardized document used by employers to retract a previously extended job offer to a candidate. By providing a consistent and professional framework for communication, it helps employers navigate the uncomfortable situation with transparency and integrity. It is crucial for employers to adhere to legal requirements and maintain fair and respectful practices throughout the rescission process.