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Record of Employment Canada

Record of Employment Canada, also known as an ROE, is an official document issued by the Government of Canada that provides details of a person’s employment history and income-related information. It is an essential record for both employers and employees as it assists in determining eligibility for various government benefits and programs.


The Record of Employment Canada is a comprehensive document that contains crucial information about an individual’s employment status, earnings, and reasons for leaving a job. It serves as a crucial tool for evaluating an individual’s eligibility for employment insurance benefits, such as maternity and parental benefits, sickness benefits, compassionate care benefits, and regular employment insurance benefits.

The purpose of the Record of Employment Canada is to establish a factual record of an individual’s employment history in a standardized format. This document is generated when an employee leaves or experiences an interruption of earnings, such as termination, resignation, layoff, or a temporary leave of absence. Employers are required by law to issue a ROE for each employee who has experienced an interruption of earnings within five calendar days of the interruption.

The Record of Employment Canada includes vital information such as the employee’s social insurance number, full name, address, dates of employment, insurable earnings, hours worked, and the reason for the interruption of earnings. It also indicates whether the employee earned tips or gratuities, received certain types of leave, or was subject to any statutory deductions during their employment.

Employers must accurately complete and submit the ROE to Service Canada, the government agency responsible for administering the Employment Insurance program, within five calendar days of the employee’s interruption of earnings. This information serves as a significant factor in determining an individual’s eligibility for employment insurance benefits and the amount of those benefits.

Employees, on the other hand, receive a copy of their Record of Employment Canada for their records and to assist them when applying for employment insurance benefits. It is advised that individuals carefully review the information contained in their ROE for accuracy and notify their employer or Service Canada of any discrepancies to ensure an accurate reflection of their employment history.

The Record of Employment Canada is a critical document not only for the individuals it pertains to but also for the Canadian government and its various benefit programs. It serves as a reliable and official source of information regarding an individual’s employment and earnings, enabling the government to administer benefits effectively and assist individuals during times of economic need.

In conclusion, the Record of Employment Canada is an indispensable tool that helps individuals establish their employment history and qualify for important government benefits. Whether it be for determining the eligibility for employment insurance benefits or analyzing employment trends, the accurate and timely submission of the ROE is essential for both employers and employees.