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Employer Account Number California

The Employer Account Number California (EAN California) is a unique identification number assigned to employers by the California Employment Development Department (EDD). This number is used for various purposes, including payroll tax reporting and unemployment insurance contributions. The EAN California is an essential element in fulfilling an employer’s legal obligations and maintaining compliance with state regulations.


The Employer Account Number California serves as a critical identifier for employers operating within the state of California. It is a seven-digit number used to track and monitor employer activities related to payroll taxes and unemployment insurance. The EAN California allows the EDD to streamline and organize employer records effectively, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting.

Employers in California are required to register for an EAN California upon hiring their first employee or when acquiring a business that already has employees. This registration process can be completed online through the EDD’s e-Services for Business platform or by submitting a completed form DE 1, Registration Form for Commercial Employers, to the EDD by mail. Once registered, employers are assigned an EAN California, which remains with them throughout their duration of operation.

The EAN California is utilized in various aspects of employer compliance. It is essential for reporting wages and paying payroll taxes accurately and timely. Employers are required to include their EAN California on wage reports, employment tax returns, and any communication with the EDD related to their employment activities. This enables the EDD to accurately attribute payroll tax payments and unemployment insurance contributions to the respective employer’s account.

Furthermore, the EAN California plays a crucial role in the administration of unemployment insurance programs. Employers are responsible for contributing to the State Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employment Training Tax (ETT) programs, which provide temporary financial assistance to eligible employees who have lost their jobs. The EAN California ensures that these contributions are properly recorded and allocated to the employer’s account. This number is also used in the event of an unemployment insurance claim, allowing the EDD to accurately identify the employer associated with the claim.

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date EAN California is vital for employers to avoid penalties, fines, and legal implications. It is the employer’s responsibility to inform the EDD promptly of any changes to their account information, such as company name, address, or ownership. Failure to do so may result in potential mix-ups or delays in processing payroll tax payments or unemployment insurance claims.

In summary, the Employer Account Number California is a unique identification number assigned to employers operating in California. It is utilized for various purposes, including payroll tax reporting, unemployment insurance contributions, and other compliance-related activities. Obtaining and maintaining an EAN California is essential for employers to fulfill their legal obligations and maintain compliance with state regulations in their employment practices.