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Change Billing Address Bank of America

Change billing address refers to the process of modifying the registered location where customers receive their bills or statements for their Bank of America accounts. This alteration allows individuals, businesses, or organizations to update the physical or mailing address associated with their billing information, ensuring seamless delivery and accurate communication between the bank and its customers.


When customers wish to modify their billing address with Bank of America, they must follow a set procedure to ensure smooth and uninterrupted communication with the bank. This process is essential for maintaining correct and up-to-date records, enabling customers to receive their bills, statements, and other important financial information without delays or potential delivery errors.


To change billing address with Bank of America, customers are required to follow specific steps as outlined by the bank. The process typically involves various options provided by the bank to accommodate their diverse customer base. Here is a general guideline on how to change the billing address:

1. Online:

a. Log in to your Bank of America online banking account using your username and password.

b. Navigate to the Profile and Settings or Account Settings section.

c. Locate the Contact Information or Address tab.

d. Follow the instructions to update your billing address.

e. Verify the changes and save the updated information.

2. Customer Service:

a. Contact Bank of America’s customer service by calling the designated phone number related to your account or the specific billing address change request.

b. Follow the phone prompts to connect to the customer service representative.

c. Inform the representative of your request to change the billing address and provide any necessary details to verify your identity and account ownership.

d. Follow the representative’s instructions to complete the process.

3. Visit a Branch:

a. Locate the nearest Bank of America branch.

b. Bring valid identification documents, such as a driver’s license, passport, or social security card, along with any account-related information.

c. Speak with a bank representative or a teller and communicate your intent to change the billing address.

d. Provide the necessary documents and information to verify your identity and account ownership.

e. Complete any required forms and sign any relevant paperwork.


Maintaining an accurate billing address is crucial for both Bank of America and its customers. A change in address ensures that essential documents, bills, and related financial information reach the intended recipient. Accurate billing address details also help prevent delays, miscommunication, or potential fraud associated with bill delivery.

Common Reasons for Address Change:

There are various reasons why individuals or businesses may need to change their billing address with Bank of America, including:

  1. Moving to a new residence or business location.
  2. Temporary relocation or travel needs.
  3. Consolidating multiple addresses or accounts.
  4. Change in business entity or legal structure.
  5. Correcting errors or outdated information.
  6. Expanding businesses into new regions or markets.

It is important to note that customers should promptly update their billing address with Bank of America whenever there is a change to ensure timely and accurate communication with the bank.

Bank of America’s Responsibilities:

Bank of America is responsible for securely processing customers’ address change requests and updating the billing address associated with their accounts. The bank employs robust security measures to protect customers’ personal information during the address change process.

In addition, Bank of America is committed to promptly integrating the updated billing address into its systems to ensure accurate communication and billing. This includes transmitting bills, statements, and other essential information to the new address within the specified timelines.


Changing the billing address with Bank of America is vital to maintaining accurate communication and receiving financial information without disruptions. Following the outlined procedures and promptly updating the address allows customers to ensure seamless transactions and access to their account details.